We bring over 28 years of experience to offer you the best advice and professional opinion. Doors Galore staff take the time to understand your requirements and customize a door system that fits your needs.

We will discuss and understand your requirements so that we can provide you with a range of options that would best serve your home or business premises doors systems.

The solutions we offer can include both generic and custom designed options and work with you to bring about the best possible option that fits within your budget.


We offer door delivery within the Melbourne Metropolitan Area.

Order your door system from Doors Galore and arrange for a delivery at the same time. This saves you the effort of organizing pick up and drop off and gives you peace of mind as we take responsibility for the door if damaged during delivery.

We take extreme care when delivering doors by loading and packing the doors carefully and professionally to ensure their arrival at your location without any damage due to mishandling.


It is important that customers visit the Doors Galore Showroom initially in order to view the range of materials and discuss their suitability for their door applications.

This would give you a firsthand look at other materials like door locks, glass types and styles, door furniture like door stops, door seals and other attachments or fixtures.

In some cases, the door or door frame, may be outside the standard size or may require structural alteration work.

In those cases, and after the initial visit to our showroom, we would provide a FREE Measure and Quote service where we attend to your premises, view the location, carry out the measuring and final pre-supply check.

We may then invite you to our showroom for another visit to provide you with a complete detailed quotation.


Doors Galore Door Systems are assembled by experienced professionals and installed by qualified experienced tradespeople.

Our customers chose to have their door systems installed by us because we engage only qualified carpenters and builders to carry out the fitting and installation of their doors.

Our qualified installers are familiar with our products, which ensures that the work is completed correctly and to high standard.

Purchasing a complete door system solution, including assembly, staining, locksmith work and installation from Doors Galore; means that you have peace of mind, having only to deal with one supplier, who takes charge and responsibility for the entire project.

This includes a guarantee on all materials we use, including glass panels.


Custom Doors Systems are becoming increasingly popular as they provide with flexibility in design and finish.

A custom door is that Stylish Door you want..

Often, custom doors are made for customers who favour unique designs, colours, timber species joining.

Also, custom timber doors are made for door openings and cavities, where the house or office design contains door cavities and frames that are outside the standard measurements.

We design, make, and install any door system that fits your design, size, and location requirements.


Door staining is a specialised trade in its own right. We employ experienced ‘French Polishers’ to carry out our timber door staining with care and to perfection.

As masters of their trade, our polishers utilise superior materials and membranes to achieve the best, most durable and most stylish finish to your timber door.

Choosing the staining type and colour can be a complex task where material, natural timber colour, door location and the overall premises design must be taken into account.


    Got a Question, Enquiry, or need a Quote..???

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